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Stirling Castle

personal 1 min read

Lauren and I went to Stirling for the weekend, and visited Stirling Castle and Bannockburn.

We both had a brilliant time wandering around exploring the castle and grounds, and the weather was (almost unseasonably) excellent. Afterwards we checked into a hotel then went out for dinner and then drinks in a pub in the town centre. After having breakfast this morning and checking out, we took a trip to the Bannockburn Heritage Centre (not much of a “trip” though, as it was literally next door to our hotel), and visited the Robert the Bruce statue and the flag monument. I’m proud of the fact that, whilst in the Heritage Centre, a guy dressed in full armour and carrying a sword told us to “get a room”. Legendary.

You can see all our photos via my Flickr account, which I’ve just upgraded to Pro. Respectful tips of the hat to iPhoto and Fraser’s Flickr Export plugin for helping with getting the photos all appropriately titled, tagged, described and uploaded relatively painlessly.