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Strange dreams

personal 1 min read

I’ve read that the vast majority of people don’t remember their dreams at all. I’m just the opposite; I remember all of dreams, every night. I know when I have a dream that I’ve had before - I realise that it’s a repeat whilst I’m actually dreaming it. I have lucid dreams all the time too.

Last night I had two strange dreams. The first had Fiona, Martin (my brother) and I somewhere in Florida. In my dream, the north of Florida had a large desert, which Martin had been driving through in order to come south and join us in Orlando. He arrived at our hotel, and told us that he’d seen a gigantic spider (I do mean gigantic; about the size of a football stadium), and I called the USAF to inform them about it. They said they’d look into it, which is funny now. Wasn’t amusing at the time. I remember getting glimpses of Martin’s memory of it (that happens constantly in my dreams; someone will be describing something, and if I focus I can see their memory or mental picture of what they’re talking about). It was a hideous black thing with bright, neon-orange veins. Nasty. Spiders don’t bother me, but I don’t like them to be 100ft high.

The next dream was better. Again I was in a hotel somewhere, this time just with Fiona. We were looking for MP3s for some reason, and we knew a little shop where you could get them if you asked the owner (in the dream, MP3s were somehow physical things; we didn’t take a hard drive with us or anything). So, we went to the shop. It was a small, brightly-decorated place, and ostensibly it sold relaxation products like aromatherapy oil and bath salts and that sort of thing. You could also book a massage. When we went in, an attractive Asian-American female greeted us. She was wearing one of those straight white dress-like things that masseuses seem to wear in the movies. Anyway, she was flirting like mad with me (hey, it was my dream), and I was concerned about how Fiona would react, but Fiona wasn’t too bothered. I forgot all about asking for the illicit MP3s. I woke up soon after that, and in the haze between sleep and wakefulness, I realised that the young woman was Kiko Wu (warning: that link is to an adult site).

Kiko and I exchanged a few emails (in real life) since she liked the UI of my web gallery program PageThing (for Mac OS 9/Classic). She creates that whole site on an iMac. Anyway, strange.

Footnote: even though Fiona wasn’t bothered in the dream, it was a slightly different story when I told her about the dream this morning!