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Summer Dev, Plan B

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Remember the summer development plan I posted a week and a half ago? Well, it’s changed a bit.

You see, for the next ten weeks (starting this morning) I’m an employee of the computing department at the university, like Chris. I got a scholarship!

The project is an interesting one, though I can’t talk about it much since it involves an unreleased and patented technology from a major international software and systems vendor; a company which is both large and also sort of on the sapphire-cerulean-cyan kind of side of the spectrum.

The present incarnation of the system is a technology demonstration in the form of a MS Visual Studio C++ application, and they want it to become a proper implementation, in Java, using Web Start. That’s essentially my task for the next couple of months.

Anyone from CS3 who’s in the city over the next 10 weeks, feel free to drop by and say hello; I’m working in F091 in Lilybank, normal office hours each weekday.

So, given all this, the previous summer dev plan will obviously be pushed out a bit, especially given that 10 weeks from now we’ll be into the second week of September, and the new academic year begins before the end of that month. I’ll see how my time goes; believe me, I’m desperate to do some Cocoa work, and I have one project in particular that I’m itching to get into. No doubt more about all that later.