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Summer Dev

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My development plans for the summer.
Basically, the idea is to proceed with projects as follows:
  1. Complete and release the Pie Chart control.
  2. Refactor and release the iCalendar control.
  3. Create and release mysterious product I've not mentioned anything about yet.
  4. Finish and release Memoir.
  5. Do something about Treatise.
  6. Throughout, do some work on my research/development project in Cocoa.
Pie Chart and iCalendar will be commercial products for Cocoa developers, and will 
include source code as well as documentation, samples, etc. I'll probably also create 
IB palettes for them. The license will be unlimited use in products, but obviously 
no redistribution of palettes/frameworks/source. Given that source will be included, 
pricing will likely hover around the $30-$40 range, with a discount for buying both. 
We'll see anyway.

The two apps will be shareware, low cost. Memoir will be maybe $15-$20. The other one 
will be $10, I guess.

Another thing I need to do sometime is split off from, and create a new site at just for my 
code and products, with some kind of redesign. Oh, and sign up for an ecommerce 
provider that's a lot more responsive and flexible than <a href="">Kagi</a>; I'm thinking 
<a href="">eSellerate</a> right now, but feel free to suggest something.

Other summer projects (not related to development) include:
  • Improving my diet. Fi and I have both already started doing this.
  • Getting more exercise. Also started. Was at the damn swimming pool at 6:30am the other morning, and have even done Fi's workout video thing with her, and got back into weights. I'm apparently the ideal weight for my height, but I'd just like to improve my fitness level a bit.
  • Get 8 hours sleep per night, and no more. That'll be right.
  • Learn to draw to some kind of reasonable standard. Not sure whether it'll be via books or classes or just dogged practice, but I've always wanted to be able to draw. We'll see what happens.
  • Assorted fad interests, as appropriate.