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Summer's End

university 2 min read

Yesterday marked the end of most of the student placements in the department, and thus likely the end of my days in the 4th year lab with the various new friends I’ve made over the last couple of months. That said, I’ll still probably drop by next week at some point (will anyone else be in?), and then of course term begins the week after. This post is a collection of mostly unrelated news and anecdotes from the past couple of days, in no particular order.

  • Lauren (Dempster, also known as the dudelet) has finally got herself a blog (perhaps mostly at my insistence, but nevertheless), and her first post certainly meets with my approval.
  • Somehow, I managed to get toothpaste in my left eye yesterday morning, and again today. An unsettling trend, and not to be recommended.
  • Yesterday, whilst leaving the QM to go and get another car parking ticket, I heard Whiskey in the Jar playing in Jim's. Naturally, I ran to the parking machine to get the new ticket, put it on the Mattmobile, and ran back in time to hear the end of the song (as you do).
  • I actually had salad at lunchtime, unbelievably. Will this new healthy eating trend last? Can it even be called a healthy eating trend after one instance? Does anyone even care?
  • I got a text from Chris yesterday morning, which is very unusual. He doesn't usually get up until at least 3 pm most days. Fittingly, the message read:

    I'm up at 9 in the fucking morning. Rock and roll.

  • All the placement folk had dinner at Curler's as usual, then went to Lauren's flat for most of the rest of the evening. Hopefully a good time was had by all. I instead found myself at Rach's flat, where we sat and talked of various things til after midnight. A different evening than I'd earlier pictured, but very enjoyable nonetheless.
  • Earlier in the day, the team working on Peter Dickman's project had had a meeting with him in the lab. Upon my telling Chris about this, he said: "Wish I'd been there to scratch myself inappropriately." Classic.
  • I went out around 2pm to get some gum from RS McColl, and passed two people pushing wheelchairs, with mentally/physically handicapped people in them; one male, one female. The girl was quite beautiful. It made me think of the duty of those who are capable to protect the more vulnerable people in our society, and to put our own needs second to those who require to be protected.
  • Neil has finished his placement at Macro4, and should be back in the city by tomorrow. We all start back a week on Tuesday, at 9 am.
  • I had a contact lens check-up appointment today. It turns out that my optician, James Hughes, had been to a conference yesterday regarding new contact lenses which you can leave in permanently for a month, even whilst sleeping. He was given some samples, and he was wearing them today. He gave me a pair to try, which I'm wearing now. I hope these things work out for me; only having to change them once a month would be just like having normal vision, and without the frankly worrisome prospect of laser surgery (not that laser surgery can correct long-sightedness of my level just yet anyway, I think; +5.5 Dioptres average correction required for each eye). We shall "see" how it goes with the new lenses, fingers crossed.
  • I mentioned to Mr. Hughes during the lens check that I'd been working in the department, and he paused for a moment. It turns out that his daughter is the girlfriend of none other than Lucas Ezekiel Toledo, also in my course. Small world. Seems Mr. Hughes will be seeing Lucas later tonight, coincidentally.
  • I bumped into my cousin Dawn whilst at the supermarket a while ago, and she told me that her 2-year relationship had broken up recently. I wish her all the best; she's had a very difficult life, and it's sad news indeed. This seems to be the year of break-ups for most of my friends and acquaintances. Here's hoping better things await during the next few months.

That about does it for now. I wrote an additional post yesterday which must remain unpublished; it’s been seen by the relevant person already in any case. More as it happens.