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It’s been a relatively quiet week here. Just working away, enjoying some banter, that kind of thing. This is another of those meandering general update posts which are so suited to Friday afternoons.

Lauren and I are driving down to Dumfries in a few hours, to spend the weekend with her sister Lisa. Naturally, we’ll be outside the bookstore at midnight ready to pick up a couple of copies of the latest Harry Potter. I’ll occupy myself with the PowerBook this weekend whilst they read.

I’ve been thinking about my coolness recently, and I’ve decided (or rather, realised) that I am in fact supercool. I thought I’d make mention of that conclusion here on my blog, in keeping with my personality. As Derek noted when I ran the idea past him, “It’s vintage you.”

It just seems a logical conclusion to me. I mean, for a start I wear sunglasses a lot, even when I’m indoors or it’s at night. Fact is, I wear sunglasses when it rains. And I don’t just mean that I wear sunglasses regardless of the weather; I’m saying that if I’m out and about and it starts raining, I will put on sunglasses at that point if I’m not already wearing them. That’s almost impossibly cool.

My car was parked in the west end the other day and I had to drive out to Coatbridge for a while, but I didn’t want to lose my parking space whilst I was away. So I took the “No Loading” traffic cone from the Disabled space further along, and coned-off my parking space until I got back. I think that’s pretty cool. Also probably illegal, which usually means extra cool.

When we were in Ibiza, I was listing some of the reasons for my coolness, and of course Lauren added “And modest too”. To which I replied “Baby, with me, modesty is lying”. Legendary, and definitely supercool.

I guess that’ll do for now. Have a good weekend, all, and hopefully we’ll check back in next week. Boom.