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Supporting this blog

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I’m happy to to say that 2012 has started very well for Quite a few of my articles in the past two months have attracted considerable traffic and given rise to interesting follow-ups elsewhere on the web.

Some of the most popular articles so far include:

I’m thoroughly enjoying my more regular writing schedule, and I’m gratified that many of you are similarly enjoying the pieces I write.

Naturally, there are costs involved in maintaining this blog (not just bandwidth and hosting, but time - indeed, that’s the major cost). I write because I’m compelled to do so, and I doubt that will ever change.

If you want to support my writing (and indeed open source code releases) here, there are a couple of ways that you can help:


Let me pre-empt the inevitable response by saying “PayPal - boo!” Indeed; I fully agree. I’m looking to move away from their services, but for now it’ll do. If you wish to make a donation of any amount at all, you can click the button below.

Your generosity is very much appreciated.

Source code licenses without attribution

My Cocoa and iOS source code is always free for you to use, and requires you to include an attribution in your app, mentioning me and the name of the piece of code you used.

In some situations, that’s a hassle (or even impossible), so I offer non-attribution licenses for a modest fee. I’ve decided to have a frankly ridiculous sale for the next few days, so if you did ever want to get a non-attribution license, now would certainly be the time.

The online license store can be found here.

Final thoughts

I look forward to continuing to write on any number of topics here, and I hope you’ll continue to read. If you prefer much, much shorter chunks of text, you might want to follow me (@mattgemmell) on Twitter.