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university 1 min read

So Steve and I were talking about our phones. And then things got silly, as usual.

It all began innocently, as he brought up the all-too-common phenomenon of the T9 (predictive typing) system’s habit of periodically forgetting all the new words you’ve taught it.

Steve:my phone seems to have forgotten most of the words I've taught it over the last few months, which is pretty irritating
Matt:yeah mine lost its list too the other day, before I got the new one
Matt:think it did it to spite me
Steve:mine just seems to have done it to piss me off
Steve:my old one did it sometimes, but it'd only lose one or two at a time. This phone seems to have killed off my most common key combinations in one fell swoop.
Steve:perhaps it's a "lets piss off the customers" tactic, so that when they run out of ideas or 3G doesn't take off, they can market phones with new and improved text prediction.
Steve:and it'll be called T-X-10000 rather than the inferior "T9"
Matt:maybe it'll be called T1000
Matt:and will have the ability to change your phone into solid metal stabbing weapons
Matt:man that would be cooool
Steve:That might be surprisingly useful.
Matt:so they're all like "give us your phone big man" and you're all like "I'll give you my phone alright, you young tearaways"
Matt:then you stab them in the eye
Steve:No, you stab them between their eyes and right through the back of their heads
Matt:with your SWORD-O-PHONE™
Steve:I want one.
Matt:dude I know what you mean
Matt:damn their marketing. they had us right from the start.
Steve:Of course, it might not be as cool as a phone/light saber combo
Matt:this is certainly true
Steve:voice calls, sms, gprs, video conferencing, and built-in light saber
Matt:you're never getting that as a free upgrade from O2 though. You're talking about £150 at least, and that's with the student discount
Matt:I'd still totally buy it though

I mean, who wouldn’t buy one?