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Taken and Dreamcatcher

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I reluctantly admit that I’m beginning to enjoy “Taken”. The little girl narrator still annoys me intensely, with her earthy potted wisdom (“we’re all standing on the edge of a cliff, all the time, every day” - I wonder if Spielberg asked his pal George to write some of that stuff?), but I’m becoming increasingly fascinated by the character of Owen Crawford (Captain/Colonel Crawford). He really is a magnificent villain, his thirst for control through knowledge utterly crowding-out any other emotion in his entire being.

His “the sun and the moon” phrase has become intensely chilling, always punctuating some act of terrible violence to silence those who love him in order to protect the secrets of the project. The scene where he has shot his wife on the highway, and he frames his lieutenant (whom he also killed) for the murder, is particularly powerful. As she lies dying, he ensures that the subordinate’s fingerprints are on the gun. With seeming earnestness, he says “You probably won’t believe this, sweetheart, but I really am sorry about all this”, then he shoots her again, killing her. He then seems genuinely moved for a moment before leaving. I’ll be interested to see how the character evolves in his later years; the next episode is on tomorrow night at 9pm on BBC2, and is set a number of years further forward.

Also, I’ve started reading Dreamcatcher, by Stephen King. I’ve only actually had a few minutes today to read it, but I thought it was a good sign when, on p.8 of my NEL paperback edition, a character mentally asserts that “Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits” is a guitar god. Couldn’t agree more!