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Want to talk about PHPosxom hacks?

general 1 min read

Time for an experiment! <em>(cue maniacal laughter)</em>

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of a PHPosxom user 
community (there's a <a href="">Yahoo group</a>, 
but the archive says there were only ten messages in the whole of February). That's a shame, 
because PHPosxom is a beautiful thing.
I've been hacking the hell out of PHPosxom since I downloaded it, and I think it would 
be great if other users/hackers could get together and share our latest tweaks, ask and 
answer questions, and so on.

Accordingly, I've <a href="">set up a PHPosxom forum</a>. 
Feel free to drop by and post a message. We'll see what happens... :)