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Templates and Categories

general 1 min read

Something is happening with <a href="">Thistle</a>.
First, a couple of definitions:
  • Template (= *osxoms "flavor" = Thistle "type") = how to display a set of posts.
  • Category (= a directory in *osxoms) = a specific set of posts.
But Thistle allows each category to choose its preferred template, which is almost 
like a category having its <em>own</em> template. Which is almost like knowing how 
a given post <em>prefers to be shown</em>.


A template is a window, through which a set of posts is shown - specifically, posts 
from a set of categories, and/or posts which fit certain criteria (including author, 
date, and content). But now a post (or rather, its containing category) can express 
a preference as to which 'window' you view it through.


Something is happening here. I'm not sure exactly what, but there's an idea slowly 
crystallising. It has to do with bi-directional convergence between templates and 
categories. Something significant. But what the hell <em>is</em> it? Hmm.