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Ten years

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Today marks a decade since I started writing here at I’d like to thank you for reading my words throughout the years.

In September 2004:

  • I had met my now-wife two months earlier, but we weren’t together yet (that was still a month and a half away).

  • I had no idea what an iPhone was, and neither did you.

  • I’d never worked for myself.

  • I had zero followers on Twitter, because Twitter didn’t exist yet.

  • I’d been blogging elsewhere for almost two years, but it had only just occurred to me to grab an eponymous domain.

Ten years and millions of readers later, here we are. I’m very happily married, I ran my own software development and UX consulting business for seven years, then I gave it up to write full-time - hopefully from now on.

I have no idea what September 5th 2024 will bring, but if I’m still around, this will be where I mark that date too. In the meantime, you may be interested in some of my favourite pieces.

If you’d like to help ensure I’m still sharing my words here for the next ten years, please consider supporting my writing.

Thanks so much for reading.