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Normally I delete text messages from my phone ruthlessly (I keep copies of certain txts on my PowerBook for posterity though), but I haven’t done so in a few days, and I was browsing through the backlog this afternoon. I’ve decided to post a select few here, as a small insight into my life.

First up, a strangely inoffensive one from the inimitable Chris:

Dude, just saw Constantine, though it was pretty good. What's doing? Up for some gaming tomorrow?

Next up, my beloved younger brother Martin, with an even more uncharacteristic message:

Alrite man... Fancy doin me a fave, the equation 'e=mc2'... What do the letters actually stand for? Assumin mass and a constant being gravity, that rite?

Getting back into the realms of normalcy, we have a contribution from Neil:

What is the ultimate rejection? When you are masturbating and your hand falls asleep. Boom boom. N.

I’ll take his word for that one. The best by far, however, comes of course from Lauren, in response to a text message where I informed her that I loved her “more than Mark Knopfler, Phil Lynott and Captain Picard combined”. Ahem. Be that as it may, the reply was:

Wow that's some compliment. That message is most definitely a keeper.

Love you more than Jude Law, Ewan McGregor and Noah Wyle. I love you so much that doesn't even seem like a compliment.

I’m a lucky (and admittedly very, very strange) guy.