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The day today

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Quick list of stuff which happened today:

• Our new double-bed was delivered.

• Fiona had her first real day at her new job.

• I completed the assembly language assignment.

• We got a new bookcase and filled it with all my books.

• Lots of tidying-up.

• Fiona burned a CD for my dad (I won’t say what it was, due to those RIA-cartel-A bastards).

• Quickly checked all my subscriptions in NetNewsWire.

• Fiona got The Sims Unleashed.

• She also get her new mobile phone (a nifty Nokia 8310).

• I made a clipping on my desktop to remind me to respond to Erik’s post re Cocoa/RB

• And quite probably more.

Oh, and whilst it occurs to me: Fiona bought me a copy of Stephen King’s “Dreamcatcher” the other day, via I’ll let you know my opinion once I’ve read it. I always seem to have at least three books on the go at once (right now, it’s Dreamcatcher, Cocoa Programming, and “And the Truth Shall Set You Free”). Fiona does a lot of cross-stitch, so she made me a couple of bookmarks (one has my name, and the other has Tigger!). They’re always visible peeking out from a book sitting on my desk, usually amongst opened envelopes, loose change, feverishly-scribbled notes, my watch, mobile phone, car keys and so on. Oh, and my Lego - right now I have the Naboo N1 Starfighter on my desk, and also both speeders from the Bounty Hunter Pursuit set. Groovy.

Well, bed time again. I promise I’ll blog more during the next few days (over the weekend). It’s just been hellishly busy for the last 24-48 hours or so, and I haven’t had much time. I am keeping up with my daily blog-reading via NNW, so I’m not completely offline.

And finally: a big helloooo to Mike and Pam Grove. You’ll notice Pam’s comments in a few of my posts in recent weeks. Here’s a quick link to their site, just to send some traffic and get mentioned in their referrers. ;) ‘Night, folks.