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The Gathering of the 7

university 3 min read

All-time hardest of hardcore legends,
Matt:become the true legend
Matt:become the Hero of Time.
Matt:generally, just follow my lead.
Gary:Ok, I'll need: 1) a sword, 2) a patch of facial hair, 3) a smug grin, 4) a black and white picture, 5) an unbreakable feeling of being permenantly right
Matt:amen to that!
Matt:1 is great anyway. 2 has served me well. 3 I do try to suppress a bit. 4 got me into the top ten percent of Hot or Not dudes.
Matt:and 5 is essential.
Gary:I could do the first 4
Matt:why not 5?
Gary:but as a matter of character, I have to accept 5 might not be right.
Gary:well, the first step to being open-minded is admitting you might be wrong.
Gary:and I consider myself open-minded above all else
Matt:good way to be
Matt:I consider myself ace above all all else
Gary:well, if it helps, I do consider myself to be one of the 6 all-time hardcore legends
Matt:who are the other 5?
Gary:You (because you believe it), D (because we all knows it), Neil (cos he's a hardcore drinking legend), Koi (because he is the danger.) and of course Kurt Cobain
Gary:because there's nothing more hardcore or legendary than writing your eternal epitaph with a shotgun.
Matt:god damn right
Gary:you knows it.
Gary:while there are some other legends about, I don't think anyone else in history has reached hardcore legend status
Gary:and to find so many near each other at once must be a sign of some forthcoming apocalypse
Gary:of ROCK!
Matt:man this is bloggable
Gary:blog away, young padawan
Matt:may well do that later
Gary:although mark might not appreciate it too much
Matt:legend in training
Gary:exactly, if he'd just stop panicking and starting living, we might finish the cult of 7!
Gary:(after digging up Kurt, of course).
Matt:magic number that
Gary:7 is the key number
Matt:dudes only?
Gary:umm, so far
Gary:If a chick can make it to hardcore legend before the boy, then she'd be more than welcome
Matt:be a turnup for the books
Gary:very few even get to the legend rank
Gary:something about the selfish aceness about it all that they can't do
Matt:it's true
Matt:they may be "better people",
Matt:but never Legends.
Gary:A true Legend (not Hardcore Legend) has to put being the acest they can be before almost everything
Gary:for by being ace, they enhance the aceness of the surrounding world
Gary:that is the true meaning of ace
Gary:and, by proxy, Legend.
Matt:that's exactly my feeling
Matt:it's actually a wonder there's not been some kind of black hole or something formed in the lab
Gary:sometimes, on the late project nights, the extreme closeness of the group did cause nearby lightbulbs to consider exploding themselves out of awe.
Gary:just you wait until we've got a 7th Hardcore Legend. That's when the shit really begins.
Matt:7 is the big one
Matt:that's when you get stuff like planetary alignments once every ten thousand years etc
Matt:shit starts going DOWN
Gary:seriously, thats end-time stuff
Gary:I'm sure theres a bit in the book of revelations about it
Gary:and if not a rewrite is in order
Matt:mayans probably knew about this
Gary:they probably sacrificed a whole mess of virgins to make it possible
Gary:should, you know, get them a drink or something
Matt:drop a forty
Gary:pour one out for our dead homies from the wayback