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The Long Drive

university 1 min read

Suicidal meditations, spurred on by the <a href="">DB3 exam</a>.
Note that Derek's suggestion of what the ultimate adventure would be has been 
censored to protect the innocent.
Derek:getting ready for the long drive?
Matt:don't use that phrase
Matt:"the long drive"
Matt:that has special meaning here
Matt:I always figured that if I was ever diagnosed with some kind of incurable illness,
Matt:I'd go on The Long Drive
Matt:I'm talking hardcore cranked music and VOOOOOOM right off the edge of some crazy Cliffs of Insanity.
Matt:Damn that's the way to go.
Matt:any long is drive is merely "a" long drive. Hopefully not The Long Drive.
Matt:strangely tempting as a thought actually
Derek:heh, fair play dude
Matt:I guess we all have that dark edge to the psyche
Matt:you're standing up somewhere high, and some part of you has an urge to jump
Matt:not a major part, right enough
Matt:but it's there.
Matt:thin line between all this and the ultimate adventure.
Derek:the ultimate adventure being ***** *** *** ******* ** *** **** *****?
Matt:that pales dude
Matt:the ultimate adventure is leaving this mortal coil,
Matt:to appear in the middle of a fucking epic LIGHTSABRE BATTLE with vast storm-lashed plains of hideous foes
Matt:christ that would fucking KICK ASS.
Matt:I need to listen to myself more often.
Matt:this stuff is gold.
Derek:you're on form today, certainly, lord mayor of legendsville