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The Team

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Finally put faces to the names of Gary and Derek today, as we got together with the rest of our team (Neil and Mark, do you blog?) to shortlist possible projects to work on this year at the university as part of our Hons Computing Science work. Good to finally “meet” them, and to realise that


someone actually has worse handwriting than I do.

In other news, I today attended the second lab session in Dr. Peter Dickman’s Unix introduction course, where the worksheet began with this nice little “exercise” for the unwary:

Type the following series of commands.

unalias rm
rm -rf *

If you’ve actually executed this, get up, stand in front of the class, and declare yourself to your peers as being dangerously prone to rushing. You have just deleted all the contents of your home directory. Congratulations!

We didn’t really want you to do this of course, so if you made it this far without throwing all your files away, please don’t actually execute the commands listed above. If you did, that’s a shame. And before you ask… no we aren’t going to get your files back for you.

The moral of the story is: read the entire lab sheet before beginning work. Dickman also confiscates mobile phones for a week if they go off during a lecture, and insists we all stand up and do some stretching exercises halfway through each hour to help prevent us from dozing off. Seems a really decent bloke, actually.

On a semi-related note, I see that BBEdit has a preference to use emacs key bindings, optionally also showing a floating status window to tell you what command you just invoked in that mode. Interesting. Is there no end to BBEdit’s functionality? Answers on a postcard.