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The World According to Gemmell

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Just a quick post to make two announcements of interest to those who’d like a less textual and more audio-visual dose of yours truly (what an extremely alarming beginning).

First, the session videos from NSConference 2009 (at which I was the opening speaker) are now available. The videos are free if you attended the conference, and are available for purchase otherwise; my own session (Designing and Developing Custom Cocoa Controls) is in video pack 1.

Second, the organisers of NSConference recently began a new podcast called The MDN Show. It’s a magazine-format show with topics of interest to Mac developers, it’s free, and you can download the episodes directly or subscribe in iTunes.

Since episode two (the most recently released episode at time of writing), I’ve had a segment on the show entitled The World According to Gemmell (you can blame Scotty, the show’s co-host, for the segment’s name). WATG (note that I deliberately omit the initial “T” from that acronym, thank you very much) is a brief segment - a few minutes at most - where I’ll give a tip, outline a technique or just share an opinion on something that’s pertinent to development on the Mac; my aim is to give you a little something to think about, in a bite-sized format.

The first segment was on software components and why you should often develop them in isolation, and the second one (already recorded; will presumably be in The MDN Show episode 3) is a quick essay on simplicity and some ways to achieve it in your application design. These segments aren’t meant to be prescriptive, of course; my goal is to offer my own position on something and hopefully make you think about it too - whether you agree or disagree. I welcome any feedback.

Likewise, if you have a suggestion for a topic you’d like me to cover in WATG, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch via email - details here - or as a comment on this post, or via Twitter to @mattgemmell.