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Irate Scotsman now uses Thistle

development 1 min read

As part of the preparation for releasing a version of Thistle, I decided to eat my 
own dog-food - this blog is now running on Thistle!
Points to note include:
  • Permalinks load a lot faster than before (including printable versions).
  • Category index pages should load a bit quicker too (including RSS feeds).
  • We now have pretty display-names for all the categories.
  • The category list is now hierarchical.
  • The Thistle category uses a category-info file to add static content above the list of posts.
  • You can now have a category-prefs file at root level, so that you can customise how your main index page displays, but still have your default type apply everywhere else.
  • And quite probably more.
Assuming this runs smoothly for the next 24 hours or so, I hope to provide a downloadable version. I'll probably post 
about it, but in any case it'll also be added to the static content at the top of the Thistle category page.


Also, I've made a couple of additional tweaks to Thistle:
  • Permalinks now respect their category's options-overrides, including type/flavor overrides.
  • Category-info content no longer displays on permalink pages.