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Thistle progress

development 1 min read

Thanks to those who have downloaded and tested the first alpha of Thistle 0.1. You're fab people!

Based on feedback, and problems encountered, I've made some further progress with Thistle today.
First, the bugs:
  • Problem with default CSS files not being found if $include_filename_in_urls was enabled. Fixed.
  • Problem with modules folder not being located consistently. Fixed.

And the new stuff:
  • We have a new "attrib" type, which lets visitors copy the raw HTML of a post with an attribution, so they can quote you in their own blogs. Try it out by clicking the "quote me" link in any post on this blog.
  • We now have RSS 2.0 feeds! We support providing feeds of both full posts and excerpts.
    Here's the Thistle development RSS 2.0 full-posts feed (validate this feed).
    Here's the Thistle development RSS 2.0 excerpts feed (validate this feed).
  • We have a new $blog_license option, where you can specify the full URL of a Creative Commons license to make your blog's content available under. This is completely optional, of course. If specified, the chosen URL will be included in RSS 2.0 feeds in an appropriate way.

<strong>There is no new download yet</strong>. I may make a new version available before I leave for my holiday on Monday; we'll see how it goes.