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Thistle Alpha 2 Release

development 1 min read

Just a very quick post, since Fiona and I are leaving soon to drive to my father's house 
to have dinner with him and my stepmother. We've been packing and organising all day - we fly 
out tomorrow at 1pm!

But you don't care about that; you care about the <strong>new Thistle alpha release</strong>!
You can <a href="">download Thistle alpha 2 here</a>.

You can also still <a href="">download alpha 1</a> (you luddite).

For those upgrading from alpha 1, just remember these points:
  • Replace "index.php" with the new version.
  • Set all your options appropriately in the new "index.php".
  • If you're using any of the types included with Thistle, use the new versions.
  • At the very least, add the new "rss2.php" and "attrib.php" types to your types folder.
  • Use the new versions of the modules too.
  • Read the "RELEASE_NOTES.txt" file for a list of improvements and additions.
Have fun, and don't forget to <a href="">report bugs on the Bug Reports forum</a>! 
I'll resume development, and address any issues raised by alpha 2, as soon as I get back from Gran Canaria. ;)