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Thistle 0.3 patch available

development 1 min read

At long last, an update for Thistle!

This version is what I'm calling a "patch", meaning 
that the download is not a full installation of Thistle; it only contains the main index.php 
file itself, and one other file. You should download and install 
<a href="">Thistle 0.2</a>, 
then replace the 
old index.php file with this newer one. You can put the other new file beside index.php.
You can <a href="">download the patch here</a>.

Naturally, I'll soon be releasing a full installation of Thistle 0.3, including a few further improvements. I really just 
wanted to get this patch out the door for you loyal folks who are already using Thistle - thanks for your patience!


What's new in this version:
  • In most situations, you should now see considerably better performance. It's most noticeable when loading the main page of your blog, a category index page, or an RSS/RSS2 feed; i.e. the most commonly-encountered situations. Thistle's average memory and CPU usage on your server should also have decreased noticeably.
  • We now use an external configuration file, at last. There have been no changes in configuration properties since Thistle 0.2, so you can just copy-paste your configuration info from your old index.php into your new configuration file.
  • Fixed a bug with category-filters sometimes including posts from other categories. For example, posts from my "metaphysics" category would should up on the category index page for my "meta" (Blogging) category. Fixed.

By the way, I'm aware that the forums are down; it was caused by the hack we suffered last month. I'll 
download and install a new version of <a href="">phpBB</a> this weekend, and we'll 
be back in business (all of the forum data is intact, including accounts, posts and so on). In the meantime, 
please leave feedback of any kind (including bug reports etc) via 
the comments system or our <a href="">contact form</a>.