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Thistle To Do

development 1 min read

Robert is working on a new project, <a href="">codenamed Epistulae</a>. 
We've talked a bit about <a href="">where we each see our development work going</a>, 
and how our projects can complement each other. To help that process 
along, I'm posting my current To Do list for Thistle, to give a rough idea of my short-term development goals.
Below is my own Thistle To Do list, copied from Stickies and cleaned up a bit (with some annotations to make the notes understandable to 
others). After that, a quick compilation of feature requests I've received via comments on this blog, and finally a copy of Robert's old 
To Do list for PHPosxom, which I'm also planning to work through in Thistle.

<strong>Very important note</strong>: I'm hoping this will generate some discussion about these features, and indeed new feature-requests. 
In the case of new requests, it would be really great if you could post them in <a href="">our new Thistle forums</a>. 
Posting requests there makes it a lot easier for us all to discuss any points raised, and lets me read and aggregate your thoughts much more easily. The forums 
are hosted right here at Scotland Software (using <a href="">phpbb</a>); no third-parties are involved. I should know; I set them up!

Now, without further ado, the lists. I've numbered them so the points can be referred to easily, and I've removed any duplicates.


Thistle To Do

  1. Optimise index page display (use metadata).
  2. Fix error messages so they always show on a templated page. (done)
  3. Don't list cats containing no entries (have option for this) - this will involve a performance hit on cat-index pages and permalinks which use CatList.
  4. Allow user to add a type called "rss", and use it if present.
  5. RSS 2.0 types (full posts and excerpts). (done)
  6. Sticky posts.
  7. Attribution type (raw post content, with attribution HTML appended, like in NetNewsWire). (done)
  8. Comments implementation, native PHP with feeds (read Alexis' code first).
  9. Trackbacks implementation, native PHP with feeds.
  10. ListCats: show number of posts per cat.
  11. Calendar: fix bug with day 1 in certain months.
  12. Fix behaviour of PrevFwd module (only show Prev/Next links if those posts exist).
  13. Finish implementing ping

Requests from comments on this blog

  1. Custom sorting order for posts (allowing per-cat overrides).
  2. Integrate PHPetal functionality (work with Jack).
  3. Typographic substitution as in SmartyPants.
  4. Recent posts shown by age or size as well as number.

Robert's old PHPosxom To Do list

  1. Quotes/Fortune.
  2. CatIcons.
  3. AuthorIcons.
  4. OnThisDayIn.
  5. Reviews.

And there you have it. As a final reminder, any new feature-requests (or indeed any general discussion related to Thistle's 
development, future direction, or anything else) should go in <a href="">our Thistle forums</a>. Thanks! :)