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An action-thriller novel — book 2 in the KESTREL series.

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I have:<ul><li>Played more Eternal Darkness</li><li>Watched Sleepy Hollow this evening</li><li>Updated Fiona’s blog (layout/CSS)</li><li>Did some more work in Final Cut Pro</li></ul>

The Final Cut Pro (“FCP” hereafter) stuff is a Star Trek-like transporter effect, beaming me into the room I’m typing this in. Starting to really get into video editing. I have Final Cut Pro (the academic version, since I’m a student at Glasgow U, natch), and I have a Canon XM-2 digi camcorder coming this week (that’s a 3-CCD model, folks). Expect some Quicktime movies up on the site before long, showing my experimentations with the whole area of digital video.

Anyway, sleep time. Early rise tomorrow for uni starting at 10am, and we need to renew our Zonecards first. Fiona is feeling a bit better, thankfully. It’s great to see her happy again. The blisters are healing up nicely, and no more have appeared. I think we were on the money with our guess of it being the teddy bear I bought her the other day. She always sleeps on her right side, and the marks appeared on the morning after she’d slept with her arm over the teddy. The marks’ layout is more or less a trace of where the bear was against her during the night. We’ve moved it away now, so hopefully the marks will vanish within a few days.

Anyway, bed.