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Track Buffer

university 1 min read

Last Wednesday morning we had a class test for our Operating Systems 3 module, and one of the questions asked what a track buffer is. Today we were going over the test questions (which in this case meant resitting the test and then marking it no fewer than three times). The original test was open-book, whereas this time it was sat without the benefit of reference material, and quite a few people were stumped as to what a track buffer actually is.

Fortunately, the lovely Colleen’s weekend activities had prepared her for the question, as she remarked in a text message afterwards.

Thank goodness I went bowling. At least I know what a track buffer is now. x

Strange but true; your hard drive really does contain a couple of those long inflatable cylinders to stop the read/write head going off the lane and into the gutter!

(Thanks to C for letting me blog this, and yes, she was kidding, folks.)