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TrackBacks implemented

general 1 min read

Well, I've managed to implement trackbacks by slightly hacking <a href="">MovableType</a>'s
<a href="">standalone trackback CGI</a>.

Let me know about any problems you experience with sending me trackbacks, and also
bug me if I forget to send a trackback to you when I link to one of your posts.

<strong>Update:</strong> Robert at Celsius1414 (creator of PHPosxom)
<a href="">linked to this post</a>:
I am planning on creating a trackpack/pingback module for PHPosxom in the near future, but this is a good stopgap. Matt has also done quite a bit of other tweaks, including Printable entries.
I plan to write up some "how-to" articles for
<a href="">all the tweaks I've done</a>,
and release the code (after a bit of tidying).
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