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Train crash

general 1 min read

Apologies for the distasteful title, but it's too fitting to pass up. I was in the Buchanan St Underground station 
today (that's a tube/subway station, for those who don't know), and as ever I glanced up at the monitors which 
display the percentage of trains which have run on-time in the last week. I find it rather amusing, in a fatalistic 
kind of way.

In any case, today (and not for the first time), the 
statistics were obscured by a big, fat, nasty old Windows error dialog, saying something very much like "A program 
error has occurred. A log file entry has been written."
As such, please insert your own obligatory joke or sarcastic comment here:<br />&nbsp;<br />


Prime candidates include:
  • Some variation on the "if operating systems were airlines" theme.
  • Any weak puns relating to the Blue Screen of Death.
  • Agonisingly obvious rib-nudgers, such as "hope Windows doesn't control the signals too!"
Have fun!