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True danger

university 1 min read

Just more IRC banter, again from Neil and yours truly. I suggested we have Gay 80s Music Week, 
and Neil was unimpressed.
Neil: So we listen to 80s music.. but only really bad stuff?
Matt: Wham!
Neil: Matt.. that's the second worst idea I've ever heard.
Matt: not "bad"; just gay.
Matt: heh
Matt: what was the worst?
Neil: when Mrs. Lincoln said to Mr. Lincoln, 'I'm tired of staying at home, why don't we go out to the theatre?'
Matt: blackadder.
Neil: Exactly.
Neil: I've got all the scripts.
Matt: yet you say no to gay 80s music week?!
Neil: indeed.
Matt: you guys are professionally no fun
Matt: picture it: screaming down the road in your car, windows down, blasting out "Wake me up before you go-go".
Matt: man that would be funny.
Matt: maybe also dangerous, right enough.
Neil: Depends where you drive...
Matt: here it would be dangerous
Matt: up your way, probably not. Maybe elicit a tut or two.
Matt: they prefer Beethoven and Sweatin' to the Oldies up there.
Matt: anyone know where I can get a disco ball?
Neil: We drove through Possil once playing Gay Bar by electric 6 at full volume with the windows down
Neil: While shouting at neds
Neil: and one of my friends was wearing a top hat
Neil: That's pretty damn dangerous.

Despite Neil's skepticism, I'm tempted to go ahead with Gay 80s Music Week anyway. I know it would certainly meet with the 
approval of a very good friend of mine called Mike (who's gay). He likes nothing more than making uptight heterosexual male 
passengers in his car squirm as he blasts out Steps or Westlife "hits" at maximum volume.