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Turtles, crawlers, and Manlove

university 1 min read

It's been an eventful day.
First off, my project team (<a href="">D</a>, 
<a href="">G</a>, Mark, Neil and myself) 
gave our final presentation to the relevant academic staff of the 
department, and it was a rousing success. I'd even go so far as to 
opine that it was the best presentation of the session. Feeling very 
good indeed about the whole thing.

Thus, our team project which we've worked on since last October is now 
complete. We designed and built a distributed topic-driven web crawler 
in Java, called <a href="">TwentyFour24bot</a>. 
Our final dissertation and full source code will hopefully be published 
on that site before long. It's been quite an experience.

After the prezo the team went to see Kill Bill vol. 2 to celebrate, which I 
of course enjoyed thoroughly. No doubt 
<a href="">Gary</a> will review it before long.

This evening, I got a great email from Big Chris, showing his 
<a href="">latest acquisition</a> 
(after recently getting a new photo/video/ssh-capable mobile phone, 
a 20Gb iPod, and some wireless headphones).

Chris is actually quite the artist, having previously immortalised our 
two Algorithmics lecturers (<a href="">Rob Irving</a> 
and <a href="">David Manlove</a>), in 
<a href="">epic form</a>.

If you're interested, here's a pic of <a href="">Big Chris</a>; 
he's the smoking guy. From left to right, unknown guy, little Jill, Disco Stu, 
Big Chris, and Mark "the Boy" McInnes. The lady peeking over Big Chris' left 
shoulder is none other than the legendary (Julie) Chalmers, whose legs you can 
also view in <a href="">this pic</a>. 
The reason we tend to use her surname is because there's another Julie in the lab group, 
who's a good friend of Chalmers: namely Appleby, <a href="">seen here</a> 
with Disco Stu. Who said Computing Science was devoid of ladies?

So, it's all good. Just the exams to get over with now. Onward!