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Twenty Nine

personal 1 min read

So it’s my birthday today (5th June), and I’m now 29. Seems like I should actually be older, but there you have it.

It’s sobering to think that when my mother reached this age, she was already five months pregnant with me and had been teaching dance for 13 years (her 42nd annual show is coming up in 3 weeks). I, however, whilst being self-employed and all, don’t seem to ever have become a mature adult, as evidenced by my Amazon browsing history. Lauren, of course, knew exactly which components of my personality to represent in greetings-card form.

Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes, particularly the notorious Bearded Monkeys who all sent me variants of this e-card. Thanks also to the gaming machines which remembered that this was a special day. Now to begin a year of mental and emotional preparation for the big three-oh.