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Ultimate Battle

university 1 min read

Continuing the story of <a href="">The 7</a>, we were discussing our respective weaknesses 
and/or nemeses, and got to mine.
Matt:this is tricky
Matt:because it's almost impossible to come up with one myself
Matt:by my very nature
Derek:being egotistical and all
Matt:it's what i do
Matt:ok, I've realised what mine is
Matt:it's a classic
Matt:and will lead to a spectacular CG-o-rama battle too
Matt:it's the eternal nemesis of those who know they are truly ace
Matt:it is, simply,
Matt:Matt Gemmell.
Matt:in the final days of this age of man, I'm going to come face to face with Dark Matt.
Matt:sufficient ego will actually physically manifest.
Matt:the self-destructive imp within
Matt:the ugly monster-in-the-closet so coyly veiled by Peter Pan's shadow becoming detached
Matt:the foundation of every father-vs-son or brother-vs-brother epic battle in all the annals of history and fiction
Matt:and indeed featured in the Water Temple stage of Ocarina of Time.
Matt:they say that a man can be his own worst enemy
Matt:but this time,
Matt:that'll literally be true.
Derek:how will you defeat yourself?
Matt:were this a hollywood-style movie scenario
Matt:and indeed, it is;
Matt:then the battle would be long and spectacular
Matt:until finally I'd realise that only that worst of things could lead to triumph:
Matt:I would put down my weapon and concede
Matt:the dark manifestation of my ego would momentarily feel triumph,
Matt:but upon seeing its own image (me) "giving up",
Matt:would literally self-destruct in self-loathing and disgust.
Matt:and I would once again rock the damn house.
Matt:you've got to admit, it would play.
Derek:danm, that's excellent
Derek:well, indeed
Matt:and has endless sequel-potential.