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music 1 min read

More GarageBand experimentation. Flavour: melancholy.
Fi and I have been split up for nearly a month and a half now. I know it 
was the right choice, and whilst I regret the passing of the relationship 
(and of my engagement), I know it had run its course. Since then, I'd become 
quite good at just being single again, getting on with work and hanging 
out with friends, and generally keeping thoughts of finding someone far 
away from my mind.

As is often the case with life, however, circumstances conspire to 
make me acutely aware of not currently  being with <em>someone</em>, 
and to think not of the past, but rather of another possible future. 
Seems I can't hide from that side of life for long. It was in this 
frame of mind that I turned to GarageBand once again tonight, no 
doubt like so many before.

Thus I give you, without a lyrics track for the moment and without further comment, 
<a href=""><em>Unattached</em></a> 
(160 kbps MP3, 4.3 Mb).