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Use my code without attribution

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I’ve decided to hold a New Year Sale for a limited period on non-attribution licenses, for any of my source code packages. I’m offering the licenses at a huge discount, as a way to support the Mac and iOS developer community. It’s also a great practical way for you to support my development of new open source components in future. The license sale can be found here.

As you may be aware, I’ve created several open source Cocoa (and Cocoa Touch) components for the Mac and iOS developer community. The components have been used in hundreds of apps, and they’re all available under my own source code license, which is similar to the BSD license.

My own license requires attribution, ideally in the app itself, and is otherwise very permissive indeed. I felt that this was the best balance between due credit being given to me, and maximising the benefit to the community - I feel very strongly about contributing to the community and the field, and supporting my peers. Some developers or companies, however, need a license which does not require attribution, and I’ve always made such licenses available for an appropriate fee to those who contact me.

Now, you can get such licenses at a heavy discount. You can pick which component you’re interested in, choose whether you want a non-attribution license for use in (1) a single application (including future versions, under the same name), or (2) any number of applications (including future versions), and then pay the relevant fee. You’ll receive a suitable license document via email, and you’re good to go.

I’m making these licenses available at an enormous discount for a limited period, as my first gesture of support for the Mac/iOS developer community in 2011. I’ll of course be releasing further components in future. If you’ve ever needed to use some of my code without attribution (for example, in a project for a client), this is a great time to buy.

Purchasing a license is also a very direct and practical way of showing your support for my open source development efforts, and encouraging the creation and release of further components in the future. I’ve made an effort to ensure the licenses are extremely affordable, and I hope you’ll agree. If you need a non-attribution license for a source code package which isn’t listed, just get in touch with me and I’ll be delighted to add it to the store.

If you’re interested in a license, you can buy one here.

If you’re not interested in a license but want to support my work anyway, there’s a PayPal donation button (and also a link to my Amazon Wishlist) on my source code page.

Footnote: I always announce new components via my Twitter account (@mattgemmell).