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Valentine's Protocol

personal 1 min read

As we approach Valentine's Day (just two weeks from today), I'm pondering the 
question of who it's appropriate to give Valentine's cards to. Obviously, Fiona 
gets the real, slushy, A3-sized traditional card and so on. But who else gets one?
My thinking on this is that's it's fine to give Valentine's cards to female 
friends (the "someone special" sort of cards; that kind of thing), as a gesture 
of affection and friendship. Thing is, other folk I've mentioned this nascent 
policy to tend to either just shrug and nod, or look almost horrified. The second 
reaction is the primary motivation for this post.

Personally, I don't see any problem with giving cards to female friends on 
Valentine's day. I was talking to Jill about this the other day (she brought 
it up, by mentioning that she was making valentine's cards for several of her 
friends; I assume male friends, but I do know that girls sometimes give each 
other cards on Valentine's Day too), and as she herself said, it's ok because 
people like to know that they're being thought of. Nothing more complicated 
or dodgy than that.

Nevertheless, I'd be interested to hear about others' Valentine's protocols, 
and opinions on whether or not it's acceptable to give cards to friends of 
the opposite gender (or indeed same gender, as appropriate).