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Not a single day goes by at the university without at least several instances of me being mocked or otherwise insulted by various female “friends”. It actually helps maintain a sense of order and stability in my universe. Also, in fairness, it’s usually deserved.

The first example today came when Stevie was telling us how he’d thought I had died last night, when he was driving home and saw a written-off silver Peugeot 206 at the side of the motorway (I drive the same model and colour of car). Lauren then immediately asked:

Why would you be worried about that?

Charming. Then, later, Colleen saw fit to both comment on my self-inflicted haircut and also to say that she thought I must use a hair colouring product to cover up grey hairs. I also seem to recall Lauren dishing out several more insults during lunch, which I’ve forgotten (or perhaps repressed the memories of), and even a few recent barbed remarks from Jill, Rach, and possibly others. After just three days of term, we’re very much back to the old routine.

Of course, it’s all in fun. Though in the case of Lauren and Colleen, I do wonder…