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gaming 1 min read

Today I bought a <a href="">WaveBird wireless controller</a> for my GameCube. 
The primary reason was that we have a new widescreen TV and VCR/DVD-player arriving soon, and the 'Cube is going to be farther away from 
me than previously (since it's going to sit on the stand with the TV and VCR), but I didn't want to bother with cable-extenders and all that nonsense.
It's a lovely little thing, I must say. No rumble function, but then that's probably a blessing given the ever-present dangers of RSI. 
Both the pad itself and its little transmitter have dials to select one of 16 RF channels, to avoid mix-ups when playing with multiple 
WaveBirds (or, of course, to <em>deliberately create</em> mix-ups). It's light and comfortable, and looks nifty too. According to the 
specs, I can expect about 100 hours of play from the 2 AA-size batteries it takes.

I think it'll become by default controller, at least for a while. Accordingly, I've provisionally retired my black pad, with its Mario 
Sunshine-induced tooth-marks down the side (sadly, I'm not joking). The one down-side is that, since it's a more expensive pad, I must 
control the occasional urge to throw it at the wall. Damn.