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We're starting a band

music 1 min read

I was reading today’s PvP strip, and it inspired me. I’ve been meaning to start a band here in the department for a while, and several folk are interested, but finding the time to get anything done in that direction isn’t easy. So, I thought we could just start a band in name only, so that we can at least tell other people that we’re in a band. Join up now!

If you’d like to be in the band, post a comment (including your name, and/or stage name), and what instrument you’d like to play (it doesn’t seem to matter whether you can actually play that instrument in real life, though that would of course be preferred). By doing so, you’ll immediately start to enjoy all the following benefits:

  • You can say that you're in a band. No-one will contradict you.
  • You can use your band membership as an excuse for not attending other events; just say you had to practice/jam/record with the band.
  • Let's face it, band members are cooler and more attractive than regular people. Or at least, you'll be at least marginally more attractive by virtue of being in a band. Perhaps.
  • You can promote a soulful, artistic, passionate image of yourself by telling people you're working on some new songs for the band.
  • You can promise people that you'll let them hang out with you and the band sometime. People generally like that.
  • Being in a band adds slightly more authority to your critique of existing music.
  • Being in a band is a great excuse for having a serious alcohol and/or narcotics problem. Life on tour isn't easy.

It would also be good if you could suggest names for the band, and I’ll use my executive powers to come to some kind of decision. Failing that, I’ll just use a name that occurred to me the other day as a great title for a blog: Insufficient Danger. But we’ll see.

Look, just join the goddamn band; you know you want to. I’ll start: Matt Gemmell, keyboards and vocals. Who’s next?