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What icons would be useful for developers?

interface 1 min read

I've <a href="">set up a new forum</a> where we can 
discuss icons for Cocoa applications. As I've mentioned before, 
I'm interested in compiling a list of the most-needed icons (mostly toolbar icons I'd imagine, but anything 
goes) for OS X developers. If we can determine the most commonly-needed "functions" in toolbars, and appropriate 
icons to represent those functions, everyone could contribute a small amount towards contracting an icon design 
house to create the icons for us.
We'd then release the icons for the entire OS X development community, and 
everyone would live happily ever after in the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe, under the firm but ever-noble 
leadership of Captain Picard. Or some very similar thing.

So, pop over to <a href="">the forum</a> and post a list of 
the toolbar functions you most commonly implement, and what icons you'd like for them. I've posted a list to get us started. 
All thoughts and ideas appreciated!