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Wii Number

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My Nintendo Wii Number: 3641 4936 7268 5117. Feel free to post yours below.

I’m posting this separately for some Google love, I shamelessly admit. I want more Miis!

For those wondering how to get their Wii Number, from the main Wii Menu screen click the Message Board icon (the envelope at the bottom-right of the screen), then click the New Message icon (second from the left at the bottom), then click Address Book. Your Wii Number is on the cover page (you may have to click the cover to close it if it opens automatically).

When you enter a friend’s Wii Number, you won’t be able to exchange messages with them until they’ve added your Wii Number to their console too. Obviously, you need to have your Wii online in order for this to be of any use at all. For the best results, make sure you have WiiConnect24 enabled in your settings, so you can receive messages etc even when your Wii is in standby mode. You’ll know if you’ve received a message since you last checked because your Wii’s optical drive will be glowing blue. You can set the brightness of the glow (or disable it entirely) on the settings screen.