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Wiki integration for Thistle/PHPosxom

development 1 min read

I've created a Wikify module for <a href="">Thistle</a> 
(should also work with <a href="">PHPosxom</a>), which 
automatically links WikiWords to appropriate pages of a specified wiki. You're seeing it in action 
now, in the content of this post (the links with the little black "w" icon before them). 

You can <a href="">download the module here</a>.


  • Wikify will automatically ignore WikiWords which are already linked, or which occur inside an HTML tag (such as those which are part of a hyperlink's URL, or an image's ALT text).
  • You can prepend a WikiWord with <!--verbatim--> to prevent it being linked, LikeThisOne.
  • If a WikiWord is immediately preceded by -, =, /, ? or !, it will not be linked.


  • It doesn't attempt to determine if a page already exists in the wiki (which doesn't usually matter, since attempting to visit a non-existent page in most wikis will simply let you create that page). You can modify the code to do this for your own wiki if desired.

As always, do enjoy.