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Windows Phone

A guide for iPhone users

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Contacts and Calendar

Windows Phone’s address book is called People, and it works much like the iPhone’s Contacts app.

The default view filters out contacts without phone numbers, and you can easily toggle to showing all contacts. The scrolling list is in the same letter-categorised style as the App List.

People List

People list

Profile pages for individual contacts are simple, and make common actions prominent.

People Profile

Profile screen for a contact

There’s also a useful History screen, showing a log of recent interactions with the chosen contact. On iOS, you’d access this information from the Phone app.

People history

People history screen

Windows Phone also includes a Calendar application. The day view is simple and readable, and includes weather information.

Calendar day

Calendar day view

The week view is arranged like a day-planner, with weather information superimposed, and a mini-month display.

Calendar week

Calendar week view

The month view is quite dense, with small, coloured markers for events.

Calendar month

Calendar month view

Finally, the year view is essentially a wall-calendar in miniature form.

Calendar year

Calendar year view

Calendar data is shared across the system where appropriate, as you’d expect.