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A guide for iPhone users

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Phone and Messaging

I almost never use my phone as a phone, but the function is naturally present anyway. The default view is a list of recent calls, with attached contact info if the caller is known to you. Voicemail access, a dialling keypad, and your phone book are all present and correct too.

Phone history

Phone history

Incoming calls use a full-screen display with large buttons to answer, ignore, or reply via text. Contact pictures are displayed if appropriate.

Phone incoming call

Incoming call

You can block certain numbers if required, which will ignore both calls and text messages from those senders. You can also choose to be informed via notifications about blocked calls, and you can automatically block withheld numbers.

Phone blocking

Blocking numbers

The SMS Messaging app uses a familiar conversation interface, like Messages on the Apple platforms.

Text, attachments, and voice are all supported.


Messaging conversation view

Conversations can be muted or deleted, and individual messages can be selected and deleted.

Messages options

Conversation options menu

There’s also a Messenger app, which is Facebook’s individual and group messaging system.