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A guide for iPhone users

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Other services and features

This section deals with miscellaneous other features, services, and applications.

Find my phone functionality is present and correct. You can ping your device from the web interface. You can also choose whether the commands are sent via push notifications (requires a data connection), or by SMS.

Find my phone

Find my Phone

The maps app has a handy feature which finds nearby wi-fi hotspots.

Maps nearby wi-fi

Nearby wi-fi

Usefully, it also offers to save that map for offline use.

Maps offline

Maps offline

Maps has a points-of-interest interface, as well as the conventional mapping display. The data sources for this are Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Maps nearby places

Nearby places

Each place has a set of information associated with it, including opening hours, contact info, photos and so on.

Maps nearby about

Place information

Directions work as you’d expect, with easily-readable, high-contrast turn information.

Maps directions


Navigation has a simple, vector interface, with zoom controls and a full-screen mode. Voice prompting is available too.

Maps navigation

Navigation with Maps

There are useful configuration options for how a route is generated too.

Maps navigation options

Navigation options

Windows Phone has three built-in helper utilities for mobile users: Battery Saver, Data Sense, and Storage Sense.

Battery Saver profiles the apps that are using power, both actively and when in the background.

Battery Saver usage

Battery Saver usage

You can configure it to conserve battery life by limiting background app activity once the battery drops below 20%, and you can also temporarily enable it until you next plug the phone into mains power, which is a clever option.

Battery Saver settings

Battery Saver settings

Data Sense tracks your data usage, both cellular and when on wi-fi. Its Live Tile can keep you updated on that without having to launch the app.

Data sense overview

Data Sense overview

Usage is broken down by app, for both mobile and wi-fi. You can see which background services are using data too.

Data sense usage

Data Sense usage

You can set a data usage limit, either monthly or one-time, and the device will restrict background data as you approach the limit.

Date sense options

Data Sense options

Storage Sense gives you an overview of the space your data is using on the device’s internal and removable storage, and you can choose where Windows puts certain types of data in each case.

Storage sense

Storage Sense

All three apps have Live Tile displays with a summary of their relevant information.