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Windows Phone

A guide for iPhone users

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This article isn’t about hardware, but it’s worth making a few brief points that are relevant to users of other platforms.

  • Windows Phone devices seem to generally use micro-SIMs, rather than the nano-SIMs used by recent generations of iPhone.

  • Sync and charging connectors are all standard micro-USB; no custom ports.

  • Removable storage slots are available, and use regular micro-SD cards.

  • The devices are cheap, in iPhone terms. Top-end, high-resolution Lumia devices are around half the cost of a new iPhone.

  • Batteries are user-replaceable.

  • On many devices, the back cover is swappable, and available in several colours.

  • There’s no SIM needed for initial setup, or indeed for use.

  • I wasn’t asked for a credit card at any point, until (days later) I decided to buy an app on the Windows Store.

I used more than one Lumia device during the past month, but the one that I spent the majority of my time on was the ultra-affordable Microsoft Lumia 535.

Here’s a quick shot of the device and its packaging.

Box and device

It’s pretty much the same size as an iPhone 6.