Matt Gemmell

Windows Phone

A guide for iPhone users

Tech 31 min read


The first thing you’ll probably do is setup your device. In short, it’s a simple process of a few steps, with on-screen guidance. It’ll be broadly familiar if you’ve used any other smartphone. iOS users will have no trouble at all.

There’s no SIM needed when setting up a Windows Phone, by the way, and no need to connect the device to a computer. You’ll need a Microsoft (or Live) account, which you can create at the time if necessary.

Amongst other things, you’ll set the date and time, and choose a wi-fi network. The interface is simple and high-contrast, which is the platform’s hallmark.

Setup Date

The date picker during setup.

Setup Wi-Fi

Choosing a wi-fi network.

In a minute or two, you’ll be up and running. The first thing you’ll see is the primary interface of a Windows Phone: the Start screen.