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Windows Phone

A guide for iPhone users

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The web

Windows Phone naturally includes a mobile version of Internet Explorer, just as iOS includes Safari.

The browser interface is as minimal as possible.

IE web page

Internet Explorer

Both portrait and landscape modes are naturally supported.

IE landscape

IE in landscape orientation

IE has a reading mode, like Safari’s Reader feature.

IE reader mode

IE's reader mode

Tapping the button to the left of the address bar shows the tabs interface, which is a grid of open tabs, with content previews. Tabs can be closed from here, via the Close button.

IE tabs view

Tabs in IE

You can also see the tabs that are open in IE on your other devices, via the Other section of the tabs view.

IE shared tabs

Shared tabs in IE.

Pinch-to-zoom also works as you’d expect on web pages, and double-tapping to auto-zoom to the tapped content area.