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Windows Phone

A guide for iPhone users

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Windows Phone supports a variety of email accounts, including the expected Exchange and Office 365,,, Hotmail, and MSN. It also supports Google (Gmail), Yahoo, iCloud, and regular IMAP or POP accounts.

Email accounts

Supported email accounts

Once an account has been configured, it will show up as a separate app in the App List to the right of the Start screen. It can then be pinned to the Start screen as a Live Tile, or added to the Lock screen.

Mail folders, like the inbox, are clean and readable, with almost no clutter or ornamentation.

Email inbox

An empty inbox

The compose screen is similarly simple, with a large text size by default.

Email compose

Writing an email

Inline spelling-correction is supported as ever, and Windows Phone has a nice feature whereby an apparently misspelled word can be added to the dictionary by tapping a special item in the on-screen keyboard’s word-suggestions bar.

Email spelling corrections add

Adding a word to the dictionary

The menu within the navbar has a “Link Inboxes” option, which unifies the mail accounts you select, letting you access them with a single inbox.