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I hereby inaugurate Wine Thursdays, where we go to Chris’ flat and drink wine until either unconsciousness or hijinks occur.

This grand tradition is two whole weeks old so far. The first week we sat and watched a couple of DVDs in the flat, whilst I drank wine from a pint glass (using a broken hifi as a table, and sitting on a lop-sided couch beside a hammer). Which was fine.

The second week we found ourselves watching Nip/Tuck and then some Star Trek: The Next Generation whilst drinking from the bottle (white for me, red for Chris). Eventually I had a text from Lauren saying she was heading home from the GUU, and I decided in my infinite wisdom and drunkenness that I was going to walk to her flat right there and then.

I proceeded to get up and fall back down, then to try to open the door from Chris’ kitchen, and hit myself in the face with it. So far so good. Lauren thankfully texted back to advise me to get a taxi, which I did (almost getting killed in the road by another taxi as I crossed the street). I arrived in the vicinity of her flat, and fell into a cargo container a couple of times, then into the railings surrounding a car park. The police drove by, and I thankfully managed to compose myself for a few moments.

Eventually I got into the flat, and proceeded to sit down heavily onto the bed, slide onto the floor, then lie down. At which point, of course, Lisa (Lauren’s flatmate) came into the room with her friend who was staying over that night, to introduce her to me. Inevitable. At some point that night I got a text from Chris, quoted below.

Dude, hope you got to Lauren's ok and didn't die on the way. You were pretty pished and probably still are. Still SheerCORE though.

I spoke to Lisa again the other day and she thought I wasn’t too drunk at the time, though Lauren told her that no, I really was drunk, and was just trying really hard to focus at that point. True enough.

So it’s all good, and hopefully Wine Thursdays will continue for quite some time. This Thursday is the second CompSoc Pub Quiz, so that should get us off to a good start at least. I do, however, need to cut down on the amount of wine I’m drinking; I’m sure that Lauren and I have shared at least a bottle per night over the past week and a half, and sometimes more. The peak was probably on Saturday night, where after drinking 2 bottles (whilst watching Anchorman with Mark and Lisa), we staggered out to the 24-hour shop after midnight to get some Coke to have with the vodka. A heavy night, but we were both fine the next morning as always.

Until next time: stay classy, San Diego.