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Working on ping

general 1 min read

I've been working on "ping" functionality. I have it working just fine 
in PHPosxom. There are a couple of slightly ugly aspects to it, though.
  • It requires that you have $usemetadata active for your blog. Maybe that's not a big problem (I activated metadata as soon as I installed PHPosxom). It's necessary because we only want to ping when there's a new post, not every time someone views your blog. The only way we can reliably determine that is by using the metadata processing code.
  • It requires that you install another file ("") beside PHPosxom itself.
Those things aren't issues for me, but I can understand that they may well be annoying 
for those who don't use the metadata feature, and the extra file detracts from PHPosxom's 
neatness a bit.

I <em>could</em> easily incorporate all the code from the "" file into 
PHPosxom itself, but it would balloon the file size - the .inc file is just over 1000 lines. 
I haven't tried trimming out any unnecessary code in there yet, so that's worth a try at least.

Any thoughts or sugggestions would be appreciated!