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World According To Gemmell Workshop Videos

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Earlier this year I was an invited speaker at NSConference 2010 in both the UK (Reading, England) and the US (Atlanta, Georgia). I also held a whole-day workshop in both locations based on my recurring World According To Gemmell segment on The MDN Show podcast.

The entire workshop was recorded (both audio and video). I wore a mic, and there were several microphones and cameras around the room to capture the discussion which formed an essential part of the workshop. The workshop videos are now available here; they’re free to attendees, or you can buy them (4.5 hours of content) for $49.99. Whilst I do get some royalties, the main proceeds go to the Mac Developer Network to help support more developer podcasts, training materials and conferences in future.

You can read a synopsis of the workshop on the video page; we covered a lot of ground, and had some excellent discussion. It was split into two main parts: an initial 1-hour lecture on iPad application design with follow-up discussion, then a series of UI/UX/design questions submitted by attendees before the workshop, which we discussed as a group.

We discussed plenty of interesting material, and I think the videos represent the workshop well (I’ve watched the entire thing within the past few days). I hope you’ll enjoy them. Many thanks of course to Scotty, Dave and all the MDN/NSConference staff for making the event possible.